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Its at this time of year with everyones "get up and go" at a New Year high people start to look at how they can make changes to both the appearance of the properties and their businesses. First impressions count. The difference can be spectacular between a dirty drive or forecourt and a maintained and clean, "athetiacally" pleasing frontage to your home or business. At Brighter Driveways we aim to offer a service that helps you to improve the face of your home or business to add "kerb appeal" and even value! Over the last 6 years we have honed various techniques and treatments to clean driveways, clean out gutters, clean pedestianised areas, clean school playgrounds, clean walkways, clean paths, clean patios and clean walls. That could be by using various pressure washing techniques or using such things as algae treatments, moss treatments, weed killer and even just hard work. Over the next few days we will detail sepcific services such as driveway cleaning, driveway sealing, algae/moss treatments, paving maintenance as well as discussing cleaning trends etc

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