Weed, MOss & Algae Treatments.


Whether your driveway is in clear sunlight or shade, rural or suburban, weeds, moss or algae will at somepoint play a part in your driveways appearance, integrity and safety.  If any of the following problems needs addressing at your home or business then please call 07710 885227 or click here

Grass and movement have shifted the blocks apart

Weed Treatments

Weeds are the most common curse of the driveway and patio. Grasses, plantains, dandilions to name just a few can cause a multitude of promblems. Firstly they are unsightly. The natural joints and crevices associated with driveways and patios are a natural breeding ground for weeds. 


Secondly they cause damage. I'm sure you have seen weeds pushing up through Tarmac and even concrete paving. This will not go away. Treatment is the only solution


Even the strongest weed  treatments will eventually allow weeds to return. The most short term solution is an initial treatment from a broad spectrum weed killer and then prevention. 


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Moss on shaded tarmac

Moss Treatmemts


The second most common problem we get asked to advise on is Moss.  Driveways, patios, paths and wall that remain in the shade most of the year will undoubtably attract moss. Moss and its spores can become particularly dense and although they are not particularly well rooted can be difficult to remove in mass. 


We have a number of methods for the removal of moss. Our main method is using an organic moss and algae killer that is totally safe to pets, humans and fish!


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Algae treatment after 1 week

Algae Treatments


Are third most requested treatment is for Algae or to you and I the green slippy stuff that makes our paths and patio dangerous and unsightly.


Again, Algae is often common in areas of high shade and those that seem to remain damp most of the time. You also often find that moss and algae come together. Lucky us. 


The good news is we use an organic algae  and moss killer to treat the algae and in 90% of occasions you can see a distinct differnece within a week As this picture to the left shows


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