Driveway and Patio Sealing.


Over time your driveway and patio will fade, stain and appear to be a breeding gound for weeds and moss etc. This means your once beautifully clean driveway or patio is now looking in a sorry state and will either need either a good clean or at worst need replacing. At Brighter Driveways we have over six years of driveway cleaning and sealing and can take away pain of knowing a. what and how to do it and b. which one is best for my driveway.


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Pattern Imprinted Concrete Sealinig


Ever increasing in popularity the Pattern Imprinted Concrete Drive can look fantastic and be the envy of the neighbours. Often neglected to be mentioned at point of sales is its need to be maintained. Because of abrasion and the effect if UV light (sunlight) on the protective sealer, the drive needs to be cleaned regularly and re-sealed on average every two years. Varius companies use different Pattern Imprinted Driveway Sealer but most are Acrylic Sealers.


We offer a service that can remove stain, repair cracks, clean and then seal all types and colours of Pattern Imprinted Concrete. 



Block Paving Sealing

Block paving can be restored to an amazing "like new" appearance even after 10+ years of neglect but the hardest part is then preventing it looking the same as it did within a couple of years. We can stop this by sealling the block paving. We recommend Resiblock Superior for sealing the block paving and jointing sand and if its just sand stabilisation you want we recommend Resiblock 22 both domestically and commercially. The advantages of the Resiblock Superior are:-


  • Lasts up to 5 years

  • No more weeds

  • No loss of jointing sand when re-cleaned

  • Prevents food and drinks stains

Natural Stone Sealing

Indian Sandstone and other forms of natural stone are beautiful hard landscaping mediums. As with all external paving this investment can be protected. Resiblock Indian Sandstone Sealer is suitable for application to most forms of natural stone providing long lasting protection. You can also enhave its natural colour (the colour it looks when wet) using certaiun sealers. We recommend Resiblocks Natural Stone Sealer for the following reasons


  • Stain resistent

  • Dries to an invisible finish

  • Resists algae growth

  • One coat

  • Lasts up to 5 years

  • Suitable for use with most forms of natural stone

Tarmac Sealing

Probably the most common type of driveway, Tarmac is often blighten by moss, having lost its black luster you remember from when it was first layed.  You now can restore your tired Tarmac driveway back to blac by using a Tarmac Restorer/ Sealer with incredible results