Block paving Driveway and Patio Cleaning



The most common driveway cleaning we get asked to do is for Block Paving. Naturally there is a lot of block paving out there so thats one of the reason why.


But biggest reason we get asked is that over time block paving is very susceptable to the ravishing of mother nature from an appearance point of view.


The shape, design and the method of construction allows soils and grits to sit in the chamfers and over time this is the ideal habitat for weeds and mosses.


As well as the invasion of weeds and mosses, the surface overtime can fade and become marked and dirty. Ove the last five years we have tried and tested methods for cleaning block paving and we now follow a baisc proceedure.


Firstly we treat the drive with a weed killer. Our flat surface cleaner is more than capable of removing the visable weed. The problem is with the roots left behind. Within months of cleaning the drive, if not treated, the weeds return and can be very unsightly. This part of the process should be key factor when judging the competitence of your driveway cleaning company.


Secondly we will clean the block with our flat surface cleaner attched to our 3000 psi pressure washer. This cleaner will limit the splatter created by the washer and purposly limits the sand removed from the jointing material.


Once the surface is clean will will allow the drive to dry for AT LEAST 2.5 DAYS before we re-sand. To maintain the integrity of the drive  it essential that the kiln dried sand is allowed to fill the block.  (again key competancy indicator)


At this stage your driveway is restored. 


To prevent further sand loss, weed growth and colour loss we can then SEAL the driveway.


Please follow this link to find out more about SEALING DRIVEWAYS